Baby Doll Ranch….new series!

Baby Doll Ranch

I enjoy writing ageplay stories and have started a new series that I am very excited about! Baby Doll Ranch is a town unlike any other, it is well hidden, tucked high in the Rocky Mountains. Baby Doll Ranch caters to individuals living in an ageplay relationship, two legal adults living together where one acts the part of a baby or child. It is not uncommon to see an adult being pushed in a carriage through town, a diapered bottom peeking out as an adult plays on the playground, a bare bottom being spanked in the middle of the park or for the mayor to interrupt a town meeting to give his adult baby girl a strapping. There is a mystery brewing in Baby Doll Ranch though and the first wisps of turmoil can be seen in book 1: The Town of Baby Doll Ranch: Adult Baby Lacy (an ageplay series). This and other stories can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and at this link for smashwords. There is a 20% off coupon through smashwords only until the end of January by using this code: JF58K

The description for The Town of Baby Doll Ranch: Adult Baby Lacy follows.

Here is the description:

Material in this book may be
offensive to some. Do not buy this book if you are not an adult, if the subject
matters of ageplay, adult babies, diapering, spanking, and other sexual content
is offensive to you.

Chance Maxwell moves to Baby Doll Ranch, a town for
ageplay adults only, and soon finds his adult baby doll Lacy. He enjoys being
her ‘Daddy’ and finds his life more enjoyable than ever before.
Lacy can’t remember where she came from or how she got to Chance’s house, but she knows
that he is now her ‘Daddy’. Even though her new ‘Daddy’ is strict and spanks her
when she misbehaves, she is happier than she ever remembers. When nighmares
begin to haunt her and the past sneaks up to imprison her, Chance won’t let her
be his baby doll anymore and Lacy has to convince ‘Daddy’ that she does love him
and wants to be his baby doll again.
Contains material that may be offensive
to some: contains ageplay between two consenting adults, the subject of adult
babies, diapering, the spanking of an adult woman and other sexual content. For



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